Organic Waste Management

Our Team:

Robert Heffernan Jr Robert Heffernan Jr.
President & CEO

Mr. Heffernan's vast background in waste and recycling began when he was five years old and worked with his Grandfather, "The Original Junk Man," at his recycling shop. Since then, Mr. Heffernan has accumulated experience in every segment of the industry, including 31 years with The Newark Group, as Vice President and General Manager of the Northeast Region, Recycled Fibers Division. A Licensed Operator of Solid Waste Transfer Stations, he managed and operated an organic compost facility prior to forming Organic Waste Management. Mr. Heffernan has served on numerous industry boards, including Paper Stock Industries and Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, and is Past President of the Eastern Paper Mill Suppliers Association.

Robert Heffernan III Robert Heffernan III

Bob learned the inner workings of the waste paper trade having spent a large amount of time of as a child at his father's plant, Malden Waste Paper, riding around on the fork lifts and sorting paper. After graduating from St. John's Prep, Bob earned a B.S. in Management from Bentley University. After Graduation Bob went on to work for Lycos, Inc and then Interactive Data Corp. heading up their financial web portals (, and as a product manager for over seven years. Leaning on his experience in the Financial markets, and more specifically futures commodity markets, Bob joins his father in forming Organic Waste Management with a goal of streamlining the waste brokerage business without losing focus on the relationships that organizations are built on.

In his free time you can find Bob out on the gridiron, as he is a very active participant of the New England Football league, playing offensive Line for the Southern New England Rage during the summer months. He also enjoys skiing in the Winter and volunteering for the Animal rescue group his wife runs, Lowell TNR Coalition.

Laura Heffernan Laura Heffernan
Executive VP

As the wife of Robert Heffernan III, Laura rounds out the family business. In her role as lead Project Manager, she actively keeps the team on track as they persue new opportunities and expand existing business. Laura holds a B.A. in Economics from Holy Cross and has 7 years of project management experience at a leading financial software company in Waltham, MA. She brings a renewed sense of urgency to the team with her background in a fast-paced and dynamic industry. Laura keeps the team organized and focused as Organic Waste Management looks to become an innovative market leader.

In her spare time, Laura can be found kayaking in the summer and skiiing in the winter. She embraces nature and the "green" way of life in many ways including participating in a Community Supported Agriculture program as well as heading up a Green Committee at work. Laura is also a big proponent of animal welfare and is the acting advisor to the feline spay/neuter organization that she managed for the past 3 years called the Lowell TNR Coalition.

Steven Heffernan
Plant Manager