Organic Waste Management

Recycling Solutions for All Your Organic Waste Streams:

Reusable By-Products:

Anaerobic digesters convert methane gas into electricity which is fed back into the local grid to power the area’s homes and businesses as well as the digester itself.
Composting Bacteria Naturally occurring bacteria break down food waste into high quality, soil-enriching compost for residential and commercial landscaping, gardening, and farming.

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Organic Materials

    Highly Desirable:
  • Animal Fats and Meat Renderings
  • Bakery Waste
  • Breads
  • Brewery Waste
  • Meats, Sausages, Fish
  • Pasta, Flour, Grains
  • Pet Food
  • Produce
  • Restaurant Waste
    Less Desirable:
  • Coffee Grinds/Tea
  • Dairy Products
  • Eggs
  • Fresh Cut Flowers
  • Grease
  • Seaweed
  • Vegetable Oils

  • Other Organic Waste as approved

Industries Served:

Restaurants Cafeterias Entertainment Venues
Schools Bakeries Correctional Facilities
Colleges Supermarkets Hospitals
Universities Food Processors Municipalities

Customized Solutions

Organic Waste will work with you to implement a collection and storage solution that works for your specific needs
Step 1: Complimentary Audit Step 2: Documented Proposal Step 3: Training and Flyers Step 4: Start Recycling!
Our experienced staff performs an onsite food waste audit to assess your needs. The audit determines waste properties such as ingredient breakdown and moisture content, volume/frequency of generation and any non-compostable contaminants will be identified. A formal proposal is presented to you based on our findings from the onsite audit. It will include detailed recommendations for collection, handling and storage of your waste streams, frequency of pickup and a pricing structure. Onsite training for your staff is provided as well as complimentary laminated color posters for your workplace. These posters depict accepted and non-accepted material and serve as visual training aides for new and existing staff. Your food waste is now bound for anaerobic digesters or composting facilities rather than the landfill. Your waste will no longer produce harmful greenhouse gasses and be used to generate electricity and high quality compost.

Take the “ick” out of Organic Recycling

We vet out the very best equipment, practices and technology to make the collection process as easy and “ick-free” as possible. Plus, our approved organics haulers are the experts when it comes to providing the consistent and reliable service that meets your needs.

By implementing best practices, we provide a seamless transition to organics recycling for any industry.

School Cafeteria Produce

Massachusetts Bans Food Waste

Become compliant

Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont have recently implemented regulations banning food waste from being landfilled. Other surrounding states are sure to follow as organics recycling solutions become more available.

Does your orgnization need to comply? Find Out Here »

Go green

In today’s world, green is the new gold. Recycle your organics and promote an image of environmental sustainability to your clients and employees.

Go Green