Organic Waste Management

Our Services:

Recycled P.E.T.
  • Waste Commodities Marketing

    We buy and sell all grades of waste and scrap products; including various grades of waste paper, scrap plastic, scrap metal and much much more. We are able to supply extremely competitive pricing utilizing the many domestic and forein trading markets that we have partnered with. We understand the importance for our vendors to be able to turnover both materials and revenue quickly, so we pride ourselves on prompt payment along with on-demand pick-up and delivery services. We can even pick-up combo loads of various waste materials giving individual pricing for each, so there is no need to wait extended periods of time for full trailer loads of a particular commodity.

  • Waste Consulting

    When it comes to handling your waste needs why not call someone that is concerned only about you. We are an independent waste consulting contractor that puts you first. Our mission is to help our clients recycling as much of their waste streams as possible. We have partnerships with only Recycling/Waste providers that have the proven track record for service. This is a "no cost" service to you, we only get paid if we save you $$.

  • Scrap Processing Equipment

    We know what works best for any situation. Our expertise spans from over 40 years of not only analyzing processing equipment but from actually running it.

    Simple solutions; from right-sizing collection receptacles to industrial air conveyor systems OWM will help you make the right choice.

  • Mail-In Destruction
    File Folders

    This service is ideal for both residential and small business use and allows you to securely destroy your documents without ever leaving the home or office. Purchase our custom made Shred a Boxes, fill them with your confidential materials, and ship them to us when full. Once received at our facility, we will shred the entire box as is. No one will ever open your box or have access to your private information. We video-record every box as it’s being shredding so you have visual confirmation of its destruction. A certificate of destruction is provided as well. And with our online system, you’ll be able to track packages, view order history, create notes, view or download videos and manage your account 24x7.

    Do you have your own boxes you’d like to use instead? That’s ok too. Visit our products page at and select the Use Your Own Boxes product to receive just the return labels and use your own boxes.

    For more information on this service, visit for a step-by-step walkthrough of the process or Contact Us for more information.

  • Pickup Service Pickup Service

    For purges, large jobs and cleanouts that are too big for mail-in, we offer a convenient pickup service. Contacting us is the best way to obtain a quote and to schedule a pickup that fits with your schedule. You’ll still be able to receive confirmation videos and certificates of destruction as well. If you’ve tried other pickup vendors in the past but were disappointed, don’t despair. Our target market serves private individuals and small businesses so you won’t be turned down.

    For more information, visit our or feel free to Request Quote anytime.